Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Yes The Bronx" Tower

Tanyanika Samuels of the Daily News reports that the Bronx is on the road to erecting a serious testament to the BoogieDown's pride and spirit. In fact, we're talking about a 176 feet worth of testament. The idea is to build an observation tower to punctuate the Bronx's skyline, and to give a metaphorical middle-figure to Manhattan (only kidding!).

"We want to break down the pervasive negative stereotype that persists," said Alec Diacou, who heads the campaign along with Dan Smith. BoogieDowner agrees with you, boys.

The "Yes The Bronx" Observation Tower will have a square glass complex perched atop a column, ringed with spiral stairs. With a $25 million price tag, the tower will be situated on the Manhattan-facing waterfront where the East and Harlem Rivers flow together. [T. Samuels]

This could very well become a tourist attraction. Or at least something positive that people talk about.

In any case, this tower is so futuristic that there is not even a rendering yet. In lieu of a rendering of the "Yes The Bronx" Tower, BoogieDowner has supplied a rendering of the Freedom Tower, because we're God-damned patriotic.

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Anonymous said...

How about supporting efforts for the waterfront in that area, instead of sill hyped up nonsense?