Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Listing of the Day: Country Club Coastal

1490 Outlook Ave, 2 Bedroom - $530,000

They don't call it Outlook Avenue for nothing. This new construction will have views of Long Island Sound. This is on the coast of Eastchester Bay and comes with its own boat slip.

You know this is serious when the listing boasts that the apartment "is a short boat ride from City Island, with its fine dining and enjoyable night life." When personal watercraft is a means of transportation in the city of New York, you are big pimping, my friend.

I will say that the artist's rendition of what the outside will look like appears to have been crafted by a slightly brain-damaged mule on heroin (check out those scarily large seagulls), but those computer generated kitchens and bathrooms are pretty damn sweet.

Just thought we'd throw an unusual Listing of the Day out there. I wouldn't be surprised if these puppies get price chopped soon, but waterfront is always waterfront, right?

Transportation is easy: take your boat.


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