Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tennis and Strippers: Bronxites Living the Good Life

The Village Voice has just released the results of their 2008 Best of NYC readers' poll. The BoogieDown gets a few nice mentions including best Albanian food, best fried clams, best carrot cake, and best public tennis courts over at Crotona Park.

Oh yeah, did we mention the Bronx is also home to the "Best Strip Club for Living Like Rappers?" The illustrious honor goes to a classy establishment on Park Avenue and 138th Street called - hold onto your hats, this one is a shocker - Sin City.

If you're into classy strippers (if there is such a thing), you apparently won't find them here. According to the write-up, Sin City " no Scores—think girls with meat on their bones climbing poles with no hands to making the booty clap and DJs playing the rap records put out by the fellows in VIP."

We take our stripping serious here in the BoogieDown, aight?

View full search results on "best Bronx" here.


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