Monday, October 20, 2008

Lehman Students' Wishes for Housing Granted

In response to a Lehman College survey last spring which indicated that students would elect to live in college housing given the opportunity, the CUNY school is currently moving forward with plans to lease a newly renovated building near the Bedford Park campus.

Located at 247 Bedford Park Blvd. and Briggs Avenue, the handsome building is a stone's throw away from Lehman, as well as the D and 4 trains, making it a desirable place for students to dorm. A total of 19 students, including eight from the esteemed Macaulay Honors College, will move in once the building receives its Certificate of Occupancy and the lease is signed.

In order to cultivate a flourishing community environment, the new Lehman housing will feature a Resident Director and two Resident Assistants who will work to create programming for the residence, including evening lectures, discussions, and community service projects.

Don't expect any Will Ferrell-esque streaking incidents from the Lehman kids - all students will sign a contract in which they agree to abide by the community standards (code of conduct) set for the building.

BoogieDowner is thrilled with this development in Bedford Park. Lehman is a stabilizing anchor of the hood and we encourage any outgrowth of college housing and/or programming into the surrounding community. We expect an invite to your first kegger kids! Just kidding... we know you'll be too busy studying to party, right? Right.


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