Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brooklyn Parents Think Their Kids are Ugly and Call in the Professionals For Help!

According to the Daily News' Veronika Belenkaya and Tracy Connor, a new spa which caters to kids (Dimples Kids Spa - isn't that cute?) has opened in Brooklyn Heights.

Here's a highlight of some of the services Brooklyn brats can demand: an "Evening Style" hairdo for $25, a "Baby Manicure-Pedicure" for $10, "Make-up" for $5, "Tattoos" for $3, and a choice of three different facials ranging from $15 to $20. Oh yeah, Dimples also offers "Whole Head Braiding" for $45. I'm willing to bet the farm that the few remaining African American families living in Brooklyn Heights won't be selling out and doing their hair braiding at Dimples.

Is it now safe to say that Brooklyn has morphed into a whole new level of gentrification hell? THIS is what they're talking about when everybody waxes on and on about what a great place to raise a family Brooklyn is?

We're all for entrepeneurs and supporting local businesses, but we'd like to see Brooklynites come to their senses and plot the downfall of this one. Well, they might not actually have to plot at all... Dimples may just collapse all on its own. Didn't the owner, Daria Einhorn, hear about the implosion of the worldwide economy? I'd like to think that even the Bugaboo pushing, mommy-and-me yoga participating parents of Brooklyn Heights have some limit to what they're willing to spend their money on.

And what about the employees of Dimples? I wouldn't be surprised if one of them ends up jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge when they realize the horrible level to which their cosmetology career has sunk.

This shit would never fly in the Bronx... I do my kid's evening up-do hairstyling, facials, and tattoo application MYSELF. After all, the it's important to teach babies that appearance is everything at a young age right? Right.
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Anonymous said...

BoogieDowner, it's Brooklyn Heights you're talking about. The economy does not apply there. It's Old Money. Williamsburg trust-funders can't get a studio in that nabe - not even with their parents' help.

There's nothing to gentrify in Brooklyn Heights! This rant is like going agog when Riverdale gets a new kosher deli.

Anonymous said...

That being said, you have to admit that a kiddie spa is a bit much even for a bougie enclave like Brooklyn Heights...

Anonymous said...

You sound so annoying..Children's hair salons were established because children are afraid of haircuts..these places put children at ease and prepare them for haircuts which (you don't want to admit butt..) are a part of life...They usually provide other services because that brings in a variety of business..Why are you so angry?? You sound like you don't even brush you're own hair and your child probably goes to school everyday with dead ends, knots and bed head..We all love a little luxury in our high stressed New York lives...Even children!! Plus it eliminates the fear of having a haircut which is actually a big problem for many young children!! :)