Monday, October 27, 2008

It's My Park! Day Beautifies and Inspires

Mother Nature cooperated and Saturday's city-wide It's My Park! Day was a huge success... Well, at least the Mosholu Parkway cleanup in Bedford Park was.

There were a couple of different organizations out cleaning up the gully area of the Mosholu Parkway near Webster Avenue. The Bedford Mosholu Community Association, which is led by Barbara Stronczer (pictured below with BMCA volunteer Rich Gallagher), had many different supplies available for raking leaves or picking up trash. Volunteers from Mosholu Preservation Corporation, including president Dart Westphal (pictured getting his hands dirty above), as well as volunteers from GreenApple Corp and Building with Books, did planting and worked on projects aimed at shoring up erosion.

We gotta say, this kind of event really restores our faith in humanity. For at least one glorious day, the image negligent residents tossing King Cobra cans in the park or leaving steaming doggie doo-doo-pies for the BoogieDowner to step in on the sidewalk was completely erased by all the energetic goodwill we witnessed.

A special shout out to Barbara Stronczer for all the work she did to organize the Bedford Mosholu Community Association's cleanup projects for the day.

Did any of you guys participate in your local It's My Park! Day? If so, leave a comment or two, and also feel free to send us your pictures at If you didn't participate, I hope you step in a doggie doo-doo-pie next time you visit your local park... just kidding! (But not really.)


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