Friday, October 17, 2008

Foliage & Reality TV: NYBG

In addition to the uber-exciting kick-off of the Kiku exhibit this weekend at New York Botanical Garden, there are two other things we'd like to alert you to:

1) Since the show's somewhat predictable finale, BoogieDowner is already going through Project Runway withdrawal... which is why we were happy to stumble upon one NYBG employee's insider review of the Project Runway visit to the Garden. Click here to read the blog entry. According to Event Coordinator Sarah Richardson, diva Tim Gunn was a grade-A asshole cutting fresh flowers for himself and requesting a steady supply of chilled Cristal. (Psych!! He was actually sweet as pie - gotcha!)
Sidebar: Ummmm, I know this sounds crazy, but did anyone else think that Kenley actually had the best collection at the Bryant Park finale? I mean, I'm happy she didn't win because of her annoying voice and the fact that she lives in Brooklyn, but I found Leanne's collection to be a bit... predictable? And I was really hoping Leanne would get a nice shower and shampoo session in for the big runway show.

2) For all you foliage fanatics, NYBG's website has a cool new feature: a Fall Tracker. It's basically an interactive map of the Garden which allows you to click on a certain spot to take a sneak peak to determine where the best fall colors are.


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