Friday, October 24, 2008

Shameful Sai Baba

It seems that notorious Curbed commenter,Sai Baba decided to post a comment on a great City Room article by David Gonzalez, The South Bronx, and Proudly So. The only issue is that Sai gave his name as Miss BoogieDowner in the comment, which is his seemingly pejorative name for BooogieDowner. For shame, Sai. Be man or woman enough to post under your own name.
See Below for the actual comment and the fraudulent by-line at the end. Come clean Sai...

The new bicycle lanes, traffic patterns, and pedestrian space are wonderful.
But I worry that “hipsterfiers” are going to move in, get rid of the grit, shut down all the dollar stores, replace them with Starbucks, and push out all the current residents. (hipster + gentrifier = hipsterfier)
Also, it’s okay to let the South Bronx be called the South Bronx. Forget “Downtown Bronx”, “The Hub”, or “SoBro”.
Most of all, let’s keep The Bronx *real*!

— Miss BoogieDowner

While BoogieDowner applauds the great progress at the HUB, we do not agree that "grit" is better than development. In some of his more outlandish Curbed comments Sai has stated that he would prefer dollar stores, tranny hookers, and dope heads to progress and development. BoogieDowner thinks that sentiment just plain dumb.

Click here for one of Sai's most recent (and ridiculous) comments.


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