Friday, April 29, 2011

Olympia Film Locations Inc. Principles Discuss Upcoming 1st Ever Bronx Week Film Festival on "Open" with Darien Jaime

For more information about the upcoming 1st Ever Bronx Week Film Festival please view the interview below of Olympia Film Locations Inc., Principles Laura Cicciu, Bobby Zouvelos and Gregory Tsougranis on BronxNets "Open” talk show with Darien Jaime. The live interview was filmed this past Wednesday. A schedule of movie screenings and free ticket information will be made available on the Olympia Film Locations web site (, once the final schedule is confirmed. Submissions are still being taken. Stayed tuned here for more information on the film festival and when tickets will be made available. Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities for the event please e-mail you name and contact information to



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