Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Video Clip of NYS Senator Gustavo Rivera Interview on Liz Benjamin's Capital Tonight

Here is a video clip of NYS Senator Rivera being interviewed by Liz Benjamin on “Capital Tonight”. It’s informative on many of the issues relevant in Albany today. Topics discussed include the timely passage of the NYS budget by Governor Cuomo, the personal income tax surcharge, the property tax cap, Article 7 education laws and the rent stabilization deadline of June 15th that is rapidly approaching. As many already know the rent stabilization law extension, or modifications of the present legislation, was not included in the budget. This leaves many to wonder what leverage advocates for rent regulation, have in Albany. As per Senator Rivera, 2.5 million units are on the line with 72,000 in his district. At the end of the interview NY Senator Rivera shows us he can carry a tune as well.


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