Monday, April 11, 2011

Letter from Eric Sutton of Bronx Community College Encouraging Fellow Students to Vote him SGA Senator

Here is local college student running for a student government position at BCC who decided to send the BoogieDowner a letter outlining his beliefs and goals. Please do read and see what Mr. Sutton has to say. If the other candidate wishes to send their campaign material. please do. May the students pick the best candidates and may the campus continue to have vibrant democratic elections amongst its students. I am hoping to see these names one day in the local arena for NYC Council and Assembly Positions.


Hello Bronx Community College Students

My Name is Eric Sutton and I have been a Student Government member for the past year. As a Student Government member I stood for, by and with the students of Bronx Community College. As a current Student Government member I made it my vow to be there, support and be the mouthpiece for those students who are not hear or seen on this campus. I am a paralegal major here at BCC. Before becoming a Student Government member I was a member of the Bronx Community College Track Team for a year. As a present Student Government member I can truly say that I have not missed any event that the Student Government had on this campus. As a Student Government member I made it by duty to be on campus seven days a week from 8am until ten at night Mondays – Fridays and 9am – 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays some time later than that. As a Student Government member I plan on showing this college and the CUNY system as a whole that Bronx Community College time is here and 2011 – 2012 is time for Bronx Community College to tap into it potential. I have faith that Bronx Community College is the start of my and your future like many other students on this campus so my goal is to make the college experience a great one for you and me. I have faith in the student and I will be there for the students of Bronx Community College. William Arthur Ward once said” Study while others are sleeping: Works while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing”, Albert Einstein once said “Learn for yesterday, live for today, tope for tomorrow, the important thing is to not stop questioning” This are two saying that I live by and stand for.
Bronx Community College is suffering socially, economically, and culturally. Socially, because our leadership and general membership are so separated that BCC Student Government can't truthfully be called representatives of the people that’s why I am asking for your vote because I am person that is for, by and with the student of BCC. I will make it my main goal to end this viewpoint of BCC and create a more personal community within Bronx Community College where everyone will be able to contribute as they choose. However, that will be simple compared to our economic and cultural issues. It’s not going to be easy, I will have to surrender some, and results won't be instantaneous. I am going to work harder than I ever worked before. But that's fine; I will my teeth and shows real determination, failure is not an option. That's how winning is done! Who's with me? Vote Eric Sutton For the Student Government 2011 – 2012 voting will take place on the 25 and go for that whole week and ends on the 29ththe voting will happen on your OSSES account the link says evote and once you open that that there be a Username, password and another link and the you have to clink on the other link and enter your username and password and vote it’s that easy. More information will be sent to you college email account when the voting dates comes closer, However If I have your vote email me back. If you can forward this email to any Bronx College Student you know.
This could be the greatest year of our lives, but I will let it be the worst if I give up. Well, I'm not quitting. We as students have come too far! I'm going to stay right here and fight for this cause (You the Student of Bronx Community College. A day may come when our courage and determination fails... but it is not THIS day or THIS year. No longer will the complaints and grievances of students be brushed aside BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE WILL become the true Vox Populi, which means the voice of the people. This is YOUR time to vote for option! Seize the day; never give up, victory or defeat... that's the Bronx Community College way! Vote Eric Sutton for Student Government for the 2011 – 2012 a vote for me is a vote for Change.

For success, choose the best. Vote Eric Sutton for SGA Senator in the 2011 SGA elections taking place on Last week in April Starting on April 29th
· Lead by example, inspire and encourage others
· Provide an equal opportunity for communication and participation
· Promote our passion for Bronx Community College
· Develop mutual respect for those we interact with
Goals: Through the cooperation of the Student Government Executive Board, Campus Community and the Student Body, we hope to bring about:
· Make a conscious effort to effectively accept and follow the ideals spelled out in the Student Government Constitution.
· Continue to develop the SWAT Team which is a group of Volunteers who will aid the Student Government Association.
· Increase student involvement and participation at Bronx Community College Increase communication between Clubs & Organizations and the greater Bronx community.
· Formally recognize outstanding student contributions to Bronx Community College.
· Collaborate and communicate with other CUNY Colleges to achieve common goals.
· Develop Student Government online resources such as redesigning the SGA page on the BCC Website and the SGA Facebook page.
· Establish a strategy to eliminate paper waste, instill 'Green' practices in the Student Government Office, the campus as a whole & to continue the tradition of promoting an ethical and efficient environment.
Candidate: Eric Sutton is a leader for change, your vote would be a good choice – Vote April 29th for Eric Sutton for the Student Government Assoc. 2011 – 2012


Contact Info: Cell - 1-646-837-3697

Eric Sutton
Senator and BCC, Inc committee
2010-2011 Student Government Association
Bronx Community College Of City University of New York

"The difference between the Impossible and possible lies in a person's determination"

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