Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BoogieDowner Movie Watch: BRONX PARADISE, Diary of a Bottom Feeder by Wayne Gurman

Here is one of the movies collected for our 1St ever Bronx Week Film Festival coming up next month. In the last few days I have been able to view the films given to us at our last meeting at the Bruckner Bar and Grill and must repeat that there is a lot of raw energy and creativity amongst our film community in the Bronx.

I posted below a trailer from the movie "Bronx Paradise; Dairy of a Bottom Feeder" along with a quote taken from their web site and a link so you can log onto their “official movie web site” to learn more about the award winning movie.

As quoted from their site and posted below, “This is the most politically incorrect movie ever made”. It’s “no hold barred” and 100% in your face. It confronts every demon possessing American society today and by doing so diminishes any hold they have on society. It left me laughing and wondering, non-stop. In a society that often preaches social correctness but often practices social injustice, it’s a bold breath of fresh air to see a film that does the complete opposite. It’s obvious this film crew not only thinks outside the box but also hits you over the head with it when needed. For anyone that ever been angry at anything this is a must see. This movie is 100% Bronx.

Diary of a Bottom Feeder

Follow Wayne Gurman in the most politically incorrect movie of all time as he hilariously tears through the mean streets of the Bronx. Losing friends, making enemies and fighting against the odds to find Paradise.


"Chances are, you've never seen a movie like Bronx Paradise, and you've never seen a character like Wayne Gurman. Wayne, a small time hood, is an exercise in dichotomy: a brutal, bigoted, misogynist with an African-American wife and children at home he loves. From brutal reality to satire it often makes strong, bold, memorable stylistic choices. Based on Wayne's real life before he turned himself around. Strap on your seatbelt and ride along with Wayne as he stalks the Bronx bullying, beating and terrorizing a living out of populace, while desperately trying to steer clear of those who are even more brutal than he is."

Produced by Wayne Gurman and James McSherry.

Starring, Wayne Gurman, John Palumbo, Thomas Jefferson Byrd, Brea Cola, Biagio Tripodi, Dan Truman, Joe Diaz, Ralph Squillante, Tim Cinnante, Peter Bongiorno, Arthur Nascarella, and Karen Lynn Gorney

For more on the film please visit the official web site at: