Thursday, April 28, 2011

Councilman Joel Rivera to Unveil New Street Sign

Here is a street sign unveiling for Thomas Lee Guess. Besides being a leader in various housing and senior issues, Mr. Guess was also known for his musical abilities. For anyone who new the man or benefited from him works, please see the time and place for the event.


Councilman Joel Rivera to Unveil New Street Sign
In Honor of Thomas Lee Guess

Bronx, New York – Council Member Joel Rivera will unveil new street sign for Thomas Lee Guess on Clinton Avenue and East 180th Street. Musical tribute will begin at 11am at the Thomas L. Guess Tremont Community Senior Center located on 2070 Clinton Avenue. Presentation of new street sign to the community will commence at 11:45am immediately after the tribute.

Thomas Lee Guess was a lifetime advocate for his community. One of his dreams became a reality and still stands today as the Tremont Community Senior Center. His vision continued when he organized and led the tenants from the obstacles through successfully saving 495 East 178th Street HDFC, which he later served as the first official President and Manager. As a board member of Bronx 2000, Mr. Guess along with member of Tremont United Methodist Church and representatives from former President Jimmy Carters’ Habitat for Humanity Northeast started restoring the entire borough of the Bronx and its subsidiaries. Mr. Guess was likewise active in the church where he additionally lent his musical talents. He not only developed a rich liturgical library of music for the church and the community but he also co-founded a monthly Artistic Vesper program that featured aspiring artists in the Bronx community.

“Mr. Guess put dreams into reality. Not only did he serve as Executive Director of the Tremont Community Senior Center for over 35 years he was also one of its founding fathers. His dedication was evident through his impassioned work with numerous organizations in the Bronx community as well as within the church. He is known as a beacon to all those that crossed his path, as he tirelessly campaigned for a better tomorrow,” states Councilman Joel Rivera.

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