Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NYC Comptroller Criticizes Suggested EDC'S Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

Here is an interesting e-mail sent by the NYC Comptrollers office on assistance for immigrant entrepreneurs. I assume he believes what is being proposed by the EDC is more posturing than long lasting help to immigrant entrepreneurs. Weather he is correct or not about the program, it's refreshing to see someone defending small business in NYC. Small business is the backbone of NYC and should be defended diligently. I believe he is as strong in his conviction to keep Wal-Mart out of NYC as well. Kudos to our Comptroller for always saving tax dollars and defending small business.


NEW YORK, NY – City Comptroller John C. Liu stated the following in response to questions about his vote today opposing the Economic Development Corporation’s (EDC) request to hire a consultant to create a program that will assist the City’s immigrant entrepreneurs. The request was part of today’s Industrial Development Authority (IDA) agenda.

“While the goal of unlocking the potential of immigrant entrepreneurs is important and admirable, the EDC should be serious about the sustained advancement of this thriving community. The EDC should do more to engage immigrant entrepreneurs on a sustained and on-going basis, rather than participate in a one-time, ad hoc program that asks a consultant to do the job for them. The City needs to develop the expertise itself so that there are dedicated City resources providing this type of assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs on a long-term basis. This plan to engage a short-term consultant indicates that the City sees this effort as marginal. I oppose this effort because it is shortsighted and a potential waste of money.”

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