Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BoogieDowner Art Watch: Cellist Elizabeth Glushko

It takes many arts forms and artists to make a film. When screening the film "Krackoon" I came across a soundtrack that not only was perfect for the film, it also made me wonder who was producing the angelic sounds. It reminded me of the scene in the Odyssey when Odysseus had his crew tie him to the ships mast in order to hear the sirens signing, but not be tempted to steer to close to the island and be crushed in the rocky waters. Yes, it is that good.

The master symphony Cellist is Elizabeth Glushko. Elizabeth is a Bronx resident and a member of our very own Bronx Symphony Orchestra.

Elizabeth Glushko is a member of the Bronx Symphony Orchestra. For more information the orchestra please visit their web site below

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Anonymous said...

The Bronx Symphony and guests will be performing at 2:30 PM on Saturday, 4/23 at the Bronx Library Center. 310 E. Kingsbridge Road. Free admission, all ages welcome.