Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bronx Councilman James Vacca gives Donald Trump a Real Bronx Cheer Regarding Recent Statement

Here is an interesting press release just sent by NYC Councilman James Vacca “getting into it” with Donald Trump. Keep in mind this press release was sent to me late on a Sunday evening. Looks like Vacca is the first in the NYC Council to make sure no one, not even the Donald, gets a free pass when making derogatory statements about NYC’s transportation system.


Council Member Vacca Issues Statement on Donald Trump's DerogatoryRemarks on New York City BRONX, NY --

New York City Council Member James Vacca of the Bronx, Chair of the Committee on Transportation, today took undeclared presidential candidate Donald Trump to task for remarks he made on national television comparing LaGuardia Airport to a "third-worldcountry."

"Donald Trump's comments were at best a cheap shot at New York City and at worst an insensitive knock on the diversity that makes our city great," Vacca said. "Donald Trump has lived in New York his wholelife. He has done very well in New York. If he thinks he's going to ride to the White House by picking on New York, he has another thing coming."

Vacca further took exception to Trump's remark that the United States is a "laughingstock" to the world and his insinuation that the United States has not built a major bridge in recent memory.

"Mr. Trump is free to come to my borough and look at the new Willis Avenue Bridge, completed just last year. His statement is really amazing as it shows a complete lack of knowledge about what is going on in his own city."

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