Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call for Participation in the “1st Annual Bronx Week Film Festival“ Draws Unexpected High Number of Bronx Film Makers, Producers and Directors

What I assume started the idea of a “Bronx Week Film Festival” was a statement by the Bronx Borough President, Mr. Ruben Diaz Jr. at a recent BOEDC meeting. I assume the statement went something like this: “See if the guy who helped make the movie “Gun Hill Road” can get the director to come back for a film related event or screening during Bronx Week”. In the mean time, this has turned into the “1st Annual Bronx Week Film Festival”. Since my partners and I at Olympia Film Locations Inc, (the official and authorized Producers of the Film Festival) took on the charge, the news of the event has spread like wild fire. The results have been overwhelming. The responses and submissions are nothing short of the best in film and cinema the Bronx has to offer.

Firstly, let me confirm that Rashaad Ernest Green, the producers and the distributor who purchased the rights to the movie “Gun Hill Road” have all vouched their support for the Film Festival. They were adamant that “Gun Hill Road” be filmed 100% in the Bronx and are adamant that they come back to the Bronx to help when needed. Rashaad plans to be present at the screening of his movie at the Film Festival and at the Gala event on Friday May 20th where we are attracting producers, directors, actors, new networks, TV stations, studios, paparazzi, political figures and high net worth individuals all who will join us in showcasing the Bronx as a primary film making destination.

At first glance our goal in holding a successful Bronx Week Film Festival so quickly might have seemed a pipe dream unless of course you consider what Bronx People can do once they are united and have their mind set on a specific goal. We are a population accustomed to doing more even though provided less. Therefore it should have been no surprise when we packed a room with Bronx directors, producers, actors and one symphony cello player, many with award winning films and or signed deals for distribution. The energy and entrepreneurship was amazing. The back room of the Bruckner Bar and Grill this past Thursday was filed with confident “SELF MADE” Bronx film makers who cared about the Bronx, its people and the development of their craft in the Bronx. To top it all off, serendipitously Michael Max Knobbe the Executive Director of BronxNet just happened to be having dinner at the Bruckner with friends. It was a great opportunity to bring him into our master plan as well. As always he was a gentleman.

At our first meeting we had two directors and a band who I posted a blog about last Tuesday. Since there were only two producers, I was able to post links to their sites and discuss basics about their films. This Thursdays meeting consisted of many more films makers and films. I will only list their names and some of the movies they represent. Each film maker and movie submitted will receive the individual attention they deserve over the next week or two via unique posts on this site. Anything less would not show the proper respect due to both the film maker and the movies they produced and or directed.

Film makers and Directors present at this Thursday’s meeting at the Bruckner Bar and Grill were Robert Gadero, James McSherry, Iris Montalvo, Marc Anthony Seda, Diego Mack, Roko Markolovic (with Diana), Joe Mileto, Wayne Gurman, Elizabeth Glushko, Chris Raffaele and Troy Reed. Some of the movies represented that night included ‘Bronx Paradise’, ‘My Destiny’ an Albanian Love Story, ‘Quentine Fortune’, ‘Poetry Man’, ‘Guido Monologues’, ‘Grasslands’ and ‘Baby Bomber’.

We still wish to collect additional full length films and shorts in and about the Bronx. If there is a Bronx connection we want to see it. For any film makers interested in attending this weeks 7 pm meeting at the Bruckner Bar and Grill on April 21st, please do send me an e-mail at the BoogieDowner. My e-mail address is

In addition to full length movies discussed above we hope to collect shorts and present awards for shorts in the following categories at our Gala event on May 20th;


We look forward to receiving and viewing your entries. Please do send submissions to the After reviewing what you send, I will forward the information to my colleagues at Olympia.


Here are some photos taken before and after the meeting.
14April (LtoR) Peter Matsis(Olympia),Peter Zotis(Olympia),Laura Cicciu(Olympia),Michael Max Knobbe(BronxNet), Bobby Zouvelos (Olympia)

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