Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Listing of the Day: Bedford Park Beauty

306 Mosholu Parkway South #3B, Studio - $87,500

This studio might just be a hidden gem across from a beautiful stretch of green in the Northern Bronx. Located right on Mosholu Parkway in Bedford Park, this unit is pretty big (575 square feet) for a studio, and the price is very nice. Studios at less than $90K in reasonably maintained buildings in decent hoods don't come along too often (except when the economy is imploding). The apartment looks like it has been kept up and the natural light and old-school fixtures are charming. The maintenance fee is not too bad at $353/month. Mortgage and maintenance on a normal 30 year mortgage would be $773/month ($420 for the mortgage and $353 for the maintenance). That's not a bad price for a studio in Bedford Park.

The nabe is surrounded by green with Mosholu Parkway right there and the Botanical Garden a few blocks away. There is a so-so C-Town on 204th Street (south of Mosholu Parkway) and a small Korea-town with some decent groceries and a BBQ place. On 204th Street on the other side of the Mosholu Parkway, there are some veggie stores, a Foodtown, a bakery, a fish guy, a diner, a hardware store, and some dollar store type places. There are also a few decent Mexican and Spanish food places to try. BoogieDowner recommends Rio Mixteco down near Webster.

The transportation in Bedford Park is to be envied. B/D at Bedford Park Boulevard and the Concourse for West Side access, 4 at Bedord Park Boulevard and Jerome for East Side access, and the Botanical Garden Metro North stop just a few blocks away for the fancier commuters.

Here's a little further reading for the more studious types:
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very bad apartment, you'll be trapped here and its overpriced.