Saturday, March 14, 2009

Attention Straphangers

Thanks to BoogieDowner reader Taliah for sending this our way...

The Straphangers Network has an important message for NYC commuters:

Dear rider,

With big fare hikes and service cuts just around the corner, we urgently ask for your help.

Please call any of the State Senators below and tell them to stand up for subway and bus riders and commuters. As detailed in a New York Daily News editorial today, these Senators are blocking a transit plan to come to our rescue.

The city-area Senators are:

Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. (718) 991-3161
Senator Pedro Espada (518) 455-3395 (local number not available)
Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson (718) 547-8854
Senator Carl Kruger (718) 743-8610
Senator Kevin Parker (718) 629-6401

Gene, Cate and Jason

I love how Espada's only contact info is in Albany... We'll be eagerly awaiting his impending arrival at Fordham Plaza, as reported yesterday by Liz Benjamin.


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