Sunday, March 29, 2009

Listing of the Day: Schuylerville New Construction

1334-6 Vreeland Ave, 3 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom - $1850/month

It seems that this must have been intended to be sold when it was first built (the pic after the jump show a completely free standing Feddersesque building), but alas, it's on the rental market now. Schuylerville is a small hood south of Pelham Bay and east of the Hutch.

It's quite out here, but sometimes that's what folks are looking for. The Hutch probably isolates the nabe a bit, but over in this part of the Bronx you certainly get a little bit of a suburban feel.

The pics look great, but the price might be a little high. You'd be paying for the idyllic isolation. The 6 is a bit of a walk, but I think most people in Schuylerville embrace the east Bronx car/express bus culture. In any case, it's worth a look if your need a big apartment.



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