Friday, March 6, 2009

Jesuits Sure Do Know How to Party

View of Eddie's Parade with our beloved Ram statue

Just got back from watching U2 at Fordham for free... Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning!

There was heavy security, but we were able to get in with the flash of our alum 'Ram Pass.' NYPD was stationed near all the entrances to the campus though. Gotta protect Bono from crazy fans I guess...

U2 sounded awesome, but they didn't play any of their old hits. It was all music off their new album, and then 'Beautiful Day' and 'Vertigo.' But hey, you really can't complain. We even ran into some BoogieDowner readers (who are also Fordham alums) at the concert - Nice to see you Pat and Dawn!

Big ups to Fordham's President Fr. McShane for bringing this concert to fruition. This is priceless publicity for Fordham and the Bronx!

Here are some pics... I was really far away because I had Pearl with me, so they're not the best.

Student filing onto Eddie's Parade before show

Teeny weeny Bono

Stretcher going in to pick up a fallen comrade

Here's the little drunky getting carted off...
If you look closely, you'll see she's still pumping her fist in the air. Now that's dedication.



Anonymous said...

Damn! I am so freakin' jealous!!!
This was "my band" back in the day! And you are so right - priceless publicity for the Bronx. My mom even called from Tennessee to tell me she saw them on one of the morning shows.

(She then excitedly went on to say that Mario Bartoli was a guest as well and he mentioned that he was opening a new restaurant in Parkchester!!! Wasn't that great???, mom - that would be PORT Chester (and it's been open for a while). The Bronx is on an upswing but not THAT much. But bless her heart!

But hey, we can dream...


Boogiedowner said...

Haha, your mom sounds really funny. I think this is proof that the Bronx Rocks.