Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More News Items...

Daily News posted the updates to their local Bronx page a bit late today, so our "Round'em Up" didn't include them.

They're too good to wait until tomorrow's Round Up...

As always, the Silver Fox has some juicy Bronx scoops in his column [Daily News]

Bedford Park residents (including this blogger) are getting a bit peeved at the empty pit that is to be the New York Botanical Garden's new parking facility [Daily News]
--BoogieDowner note on this issue:
Perhaps the most annoying thing about this garage situation is the fact that NYBG's press guy declined to comment on the future plans for the facility.... Um, I think since us Bedford Parker's have been forced to risk our lives walking in a temporary "sidewalk" (just a sliver of the right lane of Webster Avenue blocked off by a temporary partition) for months now, we deserve at least a comment as to what the plans are to move the project along. NYBG definitely bungled this opportunity to communicate with the community.


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