Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Listing of the Day: The Curious Case of the Bentley

3880 Orloff Avenue, 2 Bedrooms, $1685/month

BoogieDowner first listed this back in December, when it was $1555/month, and before it had a fancy building name (the Bentley) and an even fancier website (it's worth the jump).

So what's so curious about the Bentley? Well in two and half months, the listing rent has gone up from $1555 to $1685, and the offer of a $500 reduction on the first month's rent has become a full month's rent free. Hmmmmm....

All in all the building provides some cool amenities, but shouldn't rent prices be coming down in the economy? I guess the $130 increase per month times 12 months gets you to $1560 (a little more than one month of the old December rent). In reality you'd be paying the equivalent of 12 months rent at the old rate. So, it looks like the Bentley moved money around to take away the $500 off the first month rent offered in December. In any case, here's the original post. Not much has changed, but the price (and the family stipulation seems to be absent from the new listings, although I'd ask about it if I wanted to share and wasn't part of a renting family):

Ok, this Listing of the Day is in one of those really pretty buildings in Van Cortlandt Village. The nabe is nice (even if a little far from transportation) and this unit comes with serious amenities: FREE gym, garage, laundry on each floor of the building, a rec room, and sun deck for the spring and summer. The listing even offers the first month free [was $500 off the reduced rent] and no broker's fee.

Oh yeah, and you'd also be super-close to Van Cortlandt Park.

There is a small caveat that two bedrooms in this building must go to families or shares. So a single guy with his Star Wars collection couldn't get this place. They also want 40x the rent (combined), so that means you and your significant other or roommate (combined) would need to grab north of $62K to qualify.[THIS ISN'T IN THE NEW LISTING]

If you do qualify and are in the market for a two bedroom it makes sense to take a look. It's hard to find these amenities elsewhere in the Bronx, or even the whole City for this price.

Transportation is a little iffy. You could go east and take the 4 at Mosholu Parkway and Jerome Avenue, or go west across the Major Deegan to get the 1 train at 238th Street.



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Ryan Graham said...

As a Van Cortlandt Village resident, I think the transportation is the best part: a 5-minute walk to the #1 subway, or less to the #4 on a frequent bus. Nowhere else in the city do these two lines converge so closely. Plus the Deegan is super close for auto commuters.