Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Guess Pedro Got the Message

Following BoogieDowner's revelation that state Senator Pedro Espada, Jr's website was the only state Senator's webpage without contact info, alas! Mr. Espada magically provided some contact info on his website (albeit only his Albany office) and at least took out the "lorem ipsum"place holder in his 'news' it's just blank.

I guess Pedro is a reader or he saw the coverage on NY Magazine's Daily Intel blog or the coverage on In any case, the website fix was the easy part. Now Mr. Espada needs to open up an office in the district he represents.

A phone call into Espada's Albany office (the only contact info available) yielded nothing. The person I spoke to did indeed confirm that the Senator has not yet opened a district office. When I asked when he would do so, she answered "very soon." She indicated that they were in "negotiations." No specific details were given about time frame or location. The woman also indicated she did not know if there was any legally binding time frame in which the Senator is obligated to open an office in his home(?) district. Does anyone out there know of such a time frame?

Shouldn't Mr. Espada, who had been Senator-elect since November, have been in negotiations before he took office in January? Does Mr. Espada believe he doesn't need to open up a district office in a timely manner? Truly shameful. We will be checking in with his Albany outpost once a week until the local district office is up and running. Until then, please continue to email Mr. Espada at and call him at 518-455-3395 to demand that he open an office to serve his constituents.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps I'll also try slipping him a note underneath his apartment door.

Boogiedowner said...

Here's a little BoogieDowner update: Pedro is officially the last state Senator to open up a district office. Back in January, when the blog formerly known as the West Bronx Blog broke this story:

Pedro had company. Well at least one other guy, Senator Roy McDonald from 43rd District, who had not yet opened up an office. Well, Senator McDonald is opening his office this Friday at 433 River St. in Troy, NY.

Pedro's all alone...