Friday, March 6, 2009

Jesuit Trash Talking...

Quote from Fordham University President Fr. McShane's talk to the students assembled to hear U2 on Eddie's Parade today (as taken from FU's press release):

"Is U2 playing at Columbia?" Father McShane yelled to the sea of humanity stretched out before him, which roared the answer back at the stage. "Are they playing at Georgetown?" he continued. "Are they playing at Notre Dame?"

Love it.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Fr. McShane should be selling posters of himself by now. I love that guy. He has come to NorCal every year since he's been there.

I was at the concert in spirit from my warm bed in SF. Pearl is so cool. Her first concert!! WOO!!

Kelly - AKA the best freshman roommate ever