Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BoogieDowner Has a Crush...

Watch out Bronx Bohemian, BoogieDowner is crushing on you. Not in a 'creepy stalker' kinda way, but more in a 'we just think you're super cool and interesting' kinda way...

Don't worry, this will be a strictly web-based affair. We promise we won't show up outside your apartment with flowers. Why are we crushing so hard you may ask? Well for starters, we've been immensely enjoying reading along as you seek out all that is 'artsy and boho in the Bronx' since we stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago.

The thing that pushed our admiration into full-on crush mode was your awesomely awesome post yesterday of the first segment of your podcast interview with Professor Lloyd Ultan, Bronx Borough Historian. This is one of the coolest pieces of content to hit the Bronx blogosphere in a hot one. We'll be eagerly awaiting all the subsequent installments. Keep up the great work!

The BoogieDowner

**Click here to check out Bronx Bohemian's podcast interview with Professor Lloyd Ultan**


bronxbohemian said...

You read me!
You really read me!
Ah, but on the interwebs, stalking means you just want to "follow", "friend me up" or possibly "tweet me" it's all good! (Flowers, comparatively, are old school, but I am too!)
I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast.
I hope others will too.
I learned so much from Prof. Ultan about the Bronx and its place in history.
Let him know you enjoyed it too by buying his books!
Or by dropping him a note at the Bronx Historical Society.
(He needs to know, as borough historian, who he's reached in a very tangible way.)
Thank you for your ardent and generous praise.
You've made my day, my nite, my tomorrow with your lovely post.
BoogieDowner is a great site with the best scoops.
You have set a high standard!

See you in the interwebs!

Boogiedowner said...

Right back atcha Bronx Bohemian! We're super fans!