Saturday, January 14, 2012

Statement by Council Member Annabel Palma In Response to Living Wage Deal

Here is news related to the city's debate over the living wage bill and a similar bill in the State Assembly aimed at increasing the minimum wage statewide. The Press release was sent by Annabel Palma who is the City Council Welfare Chair.



“In times like these - when New Yorkers of all races, colors, and creeds too often feel like their shot at the American dream is slipping further out of reach - it is crucial for elected officials to come together in the name of real change. This hard-wrought agreement will help a number of New Yorkers secure jobs that pay a living wage and I am grateful for the support of my colleagues and all of those who have been vocal advocates of this bill.

Special thanks are in order for Speaker Quinn - and her team who helped negotiated this deal - for recognizing that the issue of a Living Wage transcends politics. Although this bill will not solve all the economic and social challenges that so many New Yorkers face every day – poverty, hunger, and homelessness – it is a clear step in the right direction and I am hopeful that it will encourage leaders at all levels of government to appropriately address this issue.

Additionally, it is encouraging that Speaker Silver is carrying the fight against income inequality in Albany. I commend him for highlighting the need for a State-wide minimum wage increase tied to the cost of living. I am further encouraged that this idea is picking up steam on both sides of the aisle, with Mayor Bloomberg’s strong endorsement in yesterday’s State of the City address.

I also urge our Federal representatives to engage in the conversation on economic inequality that is occurring across the country. People throughout our nation are struggling to survive by working low wage jobs, yet it has been over a decade since Washington increased the federal minimum wage. It’s time for our leaders in Washington to get serious about the challenges ahead and the reforms that will be necessary to fix an economy that too often fails our working people.”

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