Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iran Divestment Act of 2012 Passes NYS Assembly

The proliferation of nuclear weapons is so serious an International topic our State Assembly recently passed legislation aimed at punishing individuals, corporation or organizations doing business with Iran’s Energy sector.

I am sure many of you feel strongly on this topic, so please do feel free to express your opinions.



Statement by Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz on the Iran Divestment Act:

“The Iran Divestment Act of 2012, which I co-sponsored and helped pass in the Assembly yesterday, would prohibit New York State from doing business with companies that invest in Iran’s energy sector.

“This legislation renews New York’s commitment in the fight against terrorism, taking a bold stand and sending a message loud and clear that our great state will not help fund Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Under our bill, people, businesses and organizations that invest substantial sums of money in the Iranian energy sector would be identified by the state Office of General Services and prohibited from doing business with state and local governments, helping keep taxpayer money out of the hands of known international terrorists.”

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