Friday, January 6, 2012

Governor Cuomo Announcing the End of Finger Imaging Requirements for Food Stamp Applicants

Here is news related to our Governor weighing in on the battle raging over the finger imaging of food stamp recipients. From the statement provided it is obvious to conclude that members of our City Council have been busy trying to reverse the requirement due to its cost and I assume its infringement on our civil liberty. Hopefully this trend where New Yorker's become more vigilant in protecting their civil liberties, will continue.



Joint Statement by Speaker Christine C. Quinn and General Welfare Committee Chair Annabel Palma

"Governor Cuomo's action is an enormous victory for New Yorkers in need, and for all those who have fought to put an end to the detrimental practice of finger imaging food stamp applicants.

The Governor's announcement today will eliminate a senseless barrier that, for too long, has prevented tens of thousands of qualified New Yorkers from receiving the assistance they need to feed themselves and their families.

Time and time again, it's been proven that finger imaging is unnecessary and wastes hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each year, while keeping people from receiving federally funded food stamps.

Thanks to Governor Cuomo, no longer will residents of the greatest and richest City in the world go hungry. The days of criminalizing poverty in the five boroughs are coming to an end. "

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he did not do it yet