Friday, January 27, 2012

Fordham 99% Club Supports Hollis Community in "Reclaiming" Abandoned Buildings

From the video below it seems as if a Queen’s community is attempting to gain control of a swatch of “abandoned” buildings in their neighborhood. As properties increasingly fall into decay and the need for affordable housing increase, these types of land transfers could become more common much like they were in the 70’s when the "Bronx was burning". The legal details are not made clear in the video but even if the property does have a legal owner who is paying the necessary taxes on the property, should the ”community” be able to take possession of a property if it is meets certain criteria. Can parallels be made with the government’s uses Eminent Domain?

Another interesting point is the fact that the Fordham 99% Club and other 99% Clubs are supporting the Hollis Community in their Endeavour. Is this action one of the examples of how the 99% movement is evolving?


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