Thursday, January 19, 2012 Petition to Stop Internet Censorship

If anyone was wondering why many web browsers looked a little different recently, the answer can be found below in the e-mail sent by the MoveOn organization. It seems as if “Big Government” wants the authority to turn of websites without due process. Another government bureaucrat with a finger on a button that can turn of the Boogiedowner is just what the world needs!!!

Surprisingly, it's Republicans who are fighting against the bill. Has Ron Paul with his libertarian views started to infect the GOP? Is our new model of internet freedom China or North Korea? If you agree with the cause please do sigh the petition. Save the Boogiedowner!!!!!

Dear MoveOn member,

Yesterday,, Wikipedia,, and thousands of other websites were blacked out to protest Internet censorship. We've never done anything like that before, but the Internet has never before been under the threat it currently faces.

Internet censorship bills in the Senate and House would ruin the Internet for millions of people by making it possible for big entertainment companies, the Chamber of Commerce, and their lobbyists to make our government shut down websites they don't like.

All over the Internet, people are saying no and taking action to keep the Internet we know and love working the way it's supposed to. Add your voice today by signing this petition to Congress.

Say NO to Internet censorship.

Last summer, greedy corporations and their lobbyists thought they could wave their wallets and pass whatever bill they wanted that would harm the Internet. But more than 230,000 MoveOn members, along with hundreds of thousands of other activists, spoke loudly at the end of 2011, letting Congress know that we would not support Internet censorship. The result of this was a significant weakening of support for the bill in the House.

They heard us then, and the Senate needs a strong statement from us now, because they're set to vote on this bill on January 24. So far, lots of Republicans are coming out against this legislation. We need to speak up loudly and clearly to push more Democrats to change their position and protect the Internet.

Yesterday, we blacked out to show just what the Internet would look like in an era of Internet censorship. If you don't want a censored Internet, let everyone you're connected to online know right now by signing and sharing this blackout petition.

Say NO to Internet censorship.

Thanks for all you do.

–Garlin, Stefanie, Elena, Michael, and the rest of the team

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