Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bronx artist INTIKANA brutalized and arrested by NYPD during Zucotti Park raid

Here is a press release and video related to young activists fighting for our civil liberties. Besides the disturbing allegations against some of our NYPD during the Occupy Wall Street protests, as alleged in the press release posted below, they also attached a creative video featuring an interesting host of poets, singers and activists. As the video states "Freedom is Not Free". Let’s remain vigilant to make sure our civil liberties are never treaded upon! Kudos to the movements clearly expression through the spoken word, written word and video.



Press release sent :

South Bronx - On the early morning of Tuesday, November 15, 2011, RDACBX member and Bronx artist Intikana was brutalized and arrested by police while filming on Fulton and Broadway in Manhattan during NYPD’s raid on Zucotti Park (aka Liberty Plaza). Due to the excessive force implemented by arresting officers, Intikana suffered a concussion, hematoma to the head, a fractured wrist, visible bruises to the body, injuries to the neck and back with possible injury to the lungs. This excessive force was exercised on not just Intikana but hundreds of peaceful protestors, journalists, and innocent bystanders.

RDACBX strongly condemns Intikana's immoral arrest, as well as the brutality inflicted upon him and others at the hands of the NYPD. As a Hip-Hop artist and educator based in the Bronx, Intikana is a valuable asset to his community, contributing his time and energy to address the very social and economic ills that the Occupy Wall Street protestors were denouncing.

The RDAC BX, along with our community allies, demand that the NYPD be held accountable for its unjust treatment of Intikana and others arrested at their predawn raid. In the Bronx, home of the poorest congressional district in the United States, our neighborhoods have disproportionally been affected by the crimes of the proverbial 1%. The process of gentrification, furthered by greedy real estate/banking interests, and enforced by brutal stop and frisk policing which profiles Black and Brown youth, has wreaked havoc on our community. In denouncing the brutal arrest of our member Intikana, RDAC BX also calls for an end to the increasing militarization of our streets, which criminalizes the actions of peaceful citizens in defense of corporate interest.


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