Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Croton Monitoring Committee : Time to raise our voices?

Here is news sent by the Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association (F.I.P.N.A.), related to the Croton Filtration Project. It seems like there are issues that need to be addressed. If interested in joining the discussion please review the e-mail sent below. I also posted a link to their website as well.



On the following agenda for the Croton Filtration Monitoring Committee, you will see several interesting issues that affect us. You may have read about the fakery by which the $200 million which the State Legislature required the DEP to give for parks in the Bronx basically was used to replace Parks funding, leading to no real increase in Bronx parks funding. (As we predicted eight years ago). THAT should be an interesting discussion.

And if you’ve read Kristin Hart’s Riverdale Press piece about the difficulties involved in hiking the Croton Aqueduct trail, you’ll be interested in the discussion of why the promised pedestrian bridge can’t be built (or so they say).

THEN, they’ll discuss DEP’s outrageous plan to cut down any tree at or near the wall of the Reservoir — basically denuding this public space and creating a lot of erosion.

Then, as usual, they’ll discuss how much over budget they are and how far behind schedule. (Gee, I remember saying before they built this that they would never be able to build a filtration plant under ground for less money than they could build it above ground in Eastview — but I take no great pleasure in being proven right). And they’ll discuss how few jobs went to Bronxites (ditto).

Why, there’s just ever so many reasons to attend this meeting.

The Croton Filtration Monitoring Committee meeting will be held:

Thursday, January 12, 2012
7 PM
DEP’s community office
3660 Jerome Avenue, Bronx NY 10467

The proposed agenda includes:

III Continuation of Discussion about Croton Funded Parks and Costs
CFMC Representatives

IV Additional Discussion about Pedestrian Bridge over Major Deegan Exp.
CFMC Representatives

V Status of Dam Safety & Tree Removal at Jerome Park Reservoir
Mark Lanaghan, DEP

VI Construction Update, Schedule & Costs
Bernard Daly, DEP or Vincent Moorehead, P.E., DEP

VII Croton Jobs & Bronx Purchases
Mark Lanaghan, DEP

VIII Selection of CFMC Chair for 2012
CFMC Representatives

The public is invited to attend and comment during the meeting.

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