Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since we are on the topic of education; here is a statement from our Comptroller related to how Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Cuomo are handling the budget crisis in relation to funds spent on education.

NEW YORK, NY – City Comptroller John C. Liu stated the following in response to inquiries about his reaction to Governor Cuomo’s proposal regarding teachers:

“Rather than attempt an end-run around collective bargaining, as the Mayor has tried to do, Governor Cuomo has stood up for both the city's children and the rights of union members.

“The Governor has continued to insist that the state budget he has proposed should not require local layoffs, despite the fact that the Mayor has threatened to lay off thousands of teachers and send class sizes skyrocketing, even if the state comes through with major new revenues for the city.

“The Governor has also taken a creative approach to developing a new and more objective standard to measure teacher effectiveness – a methodology developed by State Education Commissioner Steiner and the teachers' union that helped ensure New York's success in the national Race to the Top competition.

“New York is not Wisconsin, and the kind of leadership Governor Cuomo has shown on these issues stands as an example to other states where critical services and workers' rights are under assault.”


Anonymous said...

What does "since were" mean? Proofread!

Anonymous said...

The Liu report on city contract expenditures through the EDC is far more interesting:

Who knows how much money this outfit would have squandered if the Armory project had gone through?

And it's clear why people were so invested in making it happen. It was never about the jobs; it was about lining the pockets of the politically connected.