Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo of the Day

Adult Cakes...va va voom!
The newly renovated Mi Casa Bakery on Bedford Park Blvd.
near Jerome Avenue specializes in adult cakes,
which are advertised right next to their baby shower offerings.

Photo by ErLu


The Mayor of Melrose said...

I don't know about you but advertising next to the babyshower offerings...eh...not too appetizing...i guess you can't have one without the other in real life though LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry to see that. I'd think that would be viewed very distasteful to many of their customers.

Many people from St. Philip Neri go there for coffee after mass.

Newburgh Restoration said...

I have passed that place many a times! I thought it was pretty funny too!

farani said...

They might mean something else, like cakes for adults. It could be a language barrier?! Because I know their customers buy a lot of ice cream cakes for their kids.

I love their homemade fresh donuts. But I hate getting there before 7am just to get them!