Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overheard in the Bronx: Politics and the Yankees

So I was completing my weekly loop of procuring gastronomic necessities (in particular fresh pasta from Borgatti's) when I overheard this conversation:

Portly Italian Fellow Purchasing Ravioli (jokingly):

I like Obama, but if he passes this heath care thing, all the good food is gonna be outlawed.

Pasta Peddler Behind the Counter (deadly serious):

Are you a Yankee fan?

Portly Italian Fellow Purchasing Ravioli:

Absolutely. Why?

Pasta Peddler Behind the Counter:

Then you must really be happy Obama's in the White House. The Yankees never win with a Republican in there. Not under Bush, not under Reagan.

This is a strange little phenomenon, but it's pretty true. The last Yankees World Series under a Republican president was back in 1956 under Eisenhower.

In all only 6 of 26 championship runs have been under a Republican (and only 2 since World War II). Here they are: '23, '27, '28 under Coolidge; '32 under Hoover; '53 and '56 under Eisenhower.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I grew up in South Philadelphia and am a dyed in the wool Phils fan. So I hope this trend gets bucked.



Anonymous said...

You are a Bronxite now, so you must be a Yankees fan now, dammit.

Indio said...

I concur with Anonymous. :-D

Homes in Cambridge said...

Since I'm from Massachusetts I'm not happy to hear this - but politics outranks baseball - so I guess I'm prepared to pay the price.