Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Grub Tips

The following restaurant tip came in from BD readers (Jill C. and Denise C.), and we were holding onto it to check it out and do a full review. Well, we haven't gotten there yet, so we figured we'd just go ahead and post it anyway...any other readers been to this place yet? Sounds great!
have you tried mexicocina yet? they're in longwood on 149th, i believe right by tinton. a short walk from the e 149 6 stop or the jackson stop.
simple menu, great prices, great food. the owner is a super nice guy. we just tried it for the first time within the last month (he's been there less than a year) and have been back numerous times!
On a side note, Welcome to Melrose has a glowing review of Coqui Mexicano, which is right near the old Bronx Courthouse on Brook Avenue at 161st Street. Thanks for the tip, Eddie!



Guywithacause said...

149th street and Tinton avenue area is not Longwood, it is the border of Mott Haven and Woodstock. If the Booggiedowner can't get neighborhoods right about the Bronx, how can we expect others too? Step up your game...this should have been corrected.

BoogieDowner said...

Hey Guy,

We clearly didn't alter the the email tip that a BD reader had sent in. Thanks for the clarification, but I must admit that Bronx neighborhood boundaries and names are notoriously murky.

The Mayor of Melrose said...

Guy...slow down!

Anonymous said...


Wikipedia tells me this:
"Longwood is a low income residential neighborhood geographically located in the southwest Bronx, New York City. The neighborhood is part of Bronx Community Board 2. Its boundaries, starting from the north and moving clockwise are: East 167th Street to the north, the Bronx River & the Bruckner Expressway to east, East 149th Street to the south, and Prospect Avenue to the west."

So are you saying woodstock goes for... what, two blocks along 149 before becoming longwood? Really, two blocks difference in neighborhood boundaries is not something to get so pissy about!

Guywithacause said...

Instead of looking up Longwood, you should have looked up Woodstock, which is the original name of the community.

The community lies in the Southern Bronx, and is just North of Mott Haven above 149th street, just East of Melrose at 3rd Avenue, just South of Morrisania at 161st, and just West of Hunts Point at Bruckner Blvd. Almost a perfect square! The area was inhabited since the 1860s by Germans, and was named by a Scotch in the 1860s due to the area's wooded nature. See an excerpt about its history here: McNamara's Old Bronx - Google Book Search. The local Woodstock Library is a landmark and commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in 1917. Cool little community with the nearest trains being #2/#5 at Jackson Avenue and Prospect Avenue, as well as the #6 at 149th street. There is a mixture of old tenement buildings, classic brownstones, old frame homes, new affordable housing developments, and of course housing projects!

Since then, Longwood has been carved out, but that border ends at Prospect ave. Anonymous, best not to use Wikipedia as it oftentimes is wrong. If anyone is confused about borders, please ask....this should be the place that sets the record straight, not adds to the confusion.