Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bruckner Bar & Grill Still Killin' It

We've already done a glowing review of Bruckner Bar & Grill here on BD, but we just wanted to let you all know that we went back there for brunch this past Sunday and it was just as good the second time (if not a little better).

Fancypants Lou got the Steak and Eggs with a Bloody Mary, and I got the Lorraine Omelette with cheddar cheese. Pearl stuck with her favorite, morning, noon, and night: french fries. Everything was just fabulous, and they even threw in some new brunch elements: delish warm nachos with salsa (I know, it seems a little weird to have that in the morning, but trust us, it works) and even a little mini blueberry muffin with each meal.

The service is perfect for anyone with kids - friendly and QUICK.

Nicely done, Bruckner B&G, nicely done.


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janeblaz71 said...

this place is great.

I've taken my sons there after band practice at what used to be SoBro's rehearsal studio.