Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fliming at the Andrew Freedman Home?

We got this email yesterday from BD reader Robert Chiulli:
As I was driving to work this morning on the Grand Concourse, I noticed that
there was some sort of filming (tv, movies ??) at the Andrew Freedman
Home. There were all sorts of big lights and movie production trucks
there, so it looked pretty big time. Just wonder if you knew anything about
Hmmm, anyone know what may be filming over there?

Update: Robert Chiulli send us the following:
I was able to dig up a little information on the internet about the filming
on the Grand Concourse at the Andrew Freeman home. What is being filmed
(according to internet source) is a movie called "The Beaver" with Jodie
Foster and Mel Gibson.


Traci said...

If you see it again, you should be able to check the 'No Parking' signs by the production trucks. They're usually neon pink? They should mention the name of the production that has the shooting permit.

Anonymous said...

I think the Jokes are writing themselves if the name of the movie is "The Beaver" with Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson. I would think that they will change the title.