Friday, May 1, 2009

The Rental Schizophrenia at the Bentley Continues

So the building at 3880 Orloff Avenue in Van Cortlandt Village (aka the Bentley) has a rental price for a two bedroom that is as stable as a Las Vegas condo with an adjustable rate mortgage.

BoogieDowner profiled the unit a few times now: once at $1555/month in December with an offer of $500 off the first month, then at $1685/month in March with a month's rent free, then $1575/month on April 21 with no reduction at all, then BoogieDowner saw it again (but didn't profile it) just yesterday at $1475/month with a promise of one month free (but the fine print revealed that the $1475 is net rent with the one month already factored in!), now the listing addict here at the BD is thoroughly stultified because a brand new listing has a 2 bedroom in the Bentley at $1700/month with a reduction of $100/month if you sign a lease before May 15th.

Instead of fine print, mercurial prices, and fake reductions, why doesn't the agent just list this at a lower baseline price and see if the thing rents? The rental price voodoo is getting tiresome Bentley - very tiresome.


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Anonymous said...

The rent is exactly why I left - goes up with each renewal and now for the poor incoming tenants, a one bedroom is $1400!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? When i moved into the building, 1-bedroom apartments started at $1000 and even then they had problem getting tenants, but finally found tenants. The amenities is great, but for another $100 a month someone could easily live in the more desirable and new buildings in Harlem or a lovely Brownstone Apartment in Park Slope Brooklyn, two areas much more centrally located than a building 5 minutes from Yonkers!

Word of advice to management, lower the rents back to inception of the building.

Original rent