Friday, May 22, 2009

Espada Rides Elevator and Even Eats Cereal in the Bronx!

We woke up to an email from a Bainbridge House tipster that said the following:

"Hey, saw Sen Espada in the building tonight around 10.15pm... I got on the elevator on the 5th floor and he got in on the 4th floor, and we headed to the lobby."

Hmmm, wonder where Pedro was going at 10:15pm... maybe, ahem, back to his house in Mamaroneck?

We kid, we kid... Senator Espada apparently had a bunch of events happening in the BoogieDown this week, including a business forum regarding stimulus funds, as well as a Senate Education Committee hearing at Bronx Community College. It would make sense that he would use the opportunity to crash in Bedford Park.

He even invited a reporter, David King from the Gotham Gazette, to partake in his semi-annual visit to Bainbridge House! Mr. King had the honor of watching Senator Espada eat his morning cereal in his apartment. Nothing proves residency like having fresh lactose-free milk stocked in your pad's fridge I guess...

Anywho, click here to check out the results of Gotham Gazette's interview with Espada.


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