Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Listing of the Day: Bedford Park Rental

18 E 199th Street, 1 Bedroom - $900/month

What we have here is a decent one bedroom in Bedford Park just east of Jerome Avenue. The interior of the unit looks nice... at the very least that the floors have been redone. I know $900 is a lot of money, but it's damned difficult to find a one bedroom for $900 anywhere in the City.

Normally BoogieDowner counsels readers to look north of Bedford Park Boulevard in Bedford Park, but this is only one block south and right in the middle of a lot of action. Lehman College is basically across the street with its gym; musical and theater shows; art gallery; and lectures. Around the corner on Bedford Park Boulevard there is some shopping with a few delis; a 24 hour dinner; an African specialty food place; a bakery; a wine/liquor store; and a really great Mexican place, named Las Maravillas de Mexico.

But the real gem in the crown of the hood (pun intended) is Shea's Emerald right on Jerome Avenue. Shea's is a hold over from Bedford Park's Irish past (and to some extent its Irish present). Shea's looks like a traditional Irish Pub from the outside and acts like one on the inside. Drinks are reasonable and bartenders polite. But CAVEAT BIBITOR - Shea's is a cash-only bar, so hit the ATM first. In the spring and summer months, Shea's has a really cool outdoor space (pictured left) with some picnic tables on a deck, a grill, and a grass back yard behind the deck. Pretty cool stuff...

This apartment is also very close to tons of transportation. The 4 train stops right on Bedford Park Boulevard and Jerome Avenue and the D/B stops at Bedford Park Boulevard and the Concourse.



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