Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Listing of the Day: Parkchester Rental

1507 Metropolitan Avenue, #10, 1 Bedroom - $600/month

This price for a one bedroom in Parkchester seems fishy, but that's what the listing says. Someone call this agent to confirm if this is real or just a way to lure people in. No need to reinvent the wheel with a Parkchester writeup, here we go again:

Parkchester is often called a city within a city, and this is an apartment within that city within a city - got that straight? Well, in any case, what was once a hidden secret is starting to be discovered and gobbled up.

The pics look nice enough, but Parkchester itself is a pretty damn cool place to live for a reasonable amount of money.

Parkchester has tons of shopping, chief of which are its own Macy's and a Starbucks. There is also a decent amount of public space to hang at, including the ovals of the complex proper and a few fountains. And who doesn't like fountains? Should we also mention that Parkchester is going to have Verizon FiOs soon too? Well, it will.

Parkchester was built under the same idea as Stuy-Town and Peter Cooper Village in Manhattan, and has the same self-sufficient aura. Parkchester is a safe and family friendly hood with decent transportation via the 6 train and bus service.

Parkchester Community Website



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Shelly-Ann said...

This $600 per month rental is a scam. I saw it on craigslist and you should see the email i was sent. They are saying they live in Africa and will arrange for u to get keys and a long list of nonsense. Anything where you cannot meet an owner in person you should stay away from. I saw one similar in Pelham and the email i was sent is nearly exact to this one. PLEASE STAY AWAY!!!