Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Listing of the Day: Concourse Co-op

825 Walton Avenue, 1 Bedroom - $150,000

Being squeezed into an overly crowed D train that eventually spewed out a mass of normally Bronx-averse Yankee-clad goofy white people at 161st Street yesterday on my commute home made the ole BoogieDowner think "When is the last time I ran a Yankee Stadium area LOD?" So here is a decent one bedroom south of 161st and east of the Concourse on Walton avenue. It's a pretty decent size at 700+ square feet and the coup de grace is that the maintenance is only $285/month.

A little more about hood (again): You'd find yourself in the heart of the Yankee Stadium development orgy in this apartment. Obviously, the City and the Yankees want this hood to do well. It's probably one of the most heavily visited outer-borough attractions for tourists. Expect an already decent hood to flourish.

Joyce Kilmer Park on 161st Street is a nice stretch of green across from the courthouse on 161st. In this apartment you would have been right across from Macombs Dam Park, which is the site of the new stadium. Maybe when they knock down the old stadium, there be some new park land for the residents of the nabe. You'd be reasonably close to the new Gateway Center Mall, which already has some stores open (Home Dept?) with more to follow soon.. The Bronx Museum of the Arts is up on 165th and the Grand Concourse, but there is art up and down the Grand Concourse in the 160s and 150s with beautiful Art Deco architecture. You'd also be near the new healthy foodie option 4Food.

Lots of choices for transportation. For those who work on the West Side there is the B/D at 161st. For those who work on the East Side there is the 4 at 161st and Jerome. And pretty soon you'll have a Metro North stop around the corner as well (Actually full game day service starts this weekend).

Another added bonus of the hood is that if you're a keggler, the nabe's got you covered too; Ball Park Lanes is on 160th and River Avenue (literally across from the soon to be old Yankee Stadium)



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