Thursday, May 28, 2009

Listing of the Day: Flop House Friday

1622 Sedgwick Avenue, 5 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms - $157,900

BoogieDowner has been alternating between opulence and disrepair in our Friday Listings of the Day recently. Here is another sojourn into the sordid and sullied region of Flophouse Friday. Morris Heights is rocking the Flop House hard today, kiddies.

When I stumbled upon this unit, I was expecting an uninhabitable mess. While the pictures do show a pretty filthy and cluttered residence, it does look salvageable. If one were to clear away the crap on every inch of furniture, put some bedding on the bed, lay said bed flat on the ground, and get the dishes out of the bathroom sink, maybe a somewhat livable environment might present itself.

The listing states: "Home will be sold with existing violations in place. House needs to be totally renovated. Bank will clear monetary part of violations. Cash buyer to clear violations."

Not sure what that means, but it does not sound so good...

The traditional Morris Heights shtick for the uninitiated who are in the market for a flop house:

This isn't the most tranquil or irenic nabe in the world, but there is some cool stuff to do/see in Morris Heights, though.

Roberto Clemente State
Park is a 25 acre waterfront state park in the hood. That certainly doesn't hurt the quality of life. Another neighborhood gem, which is housed on Bronx Community College's campus, is the Hall of Fame for Great Americans (you've gotta check of the panoramic virtual tour after the jump). This pantheon of great Americans is beautiful, classical, overlooks the Harlem River, and was America's first "Hall of Fame" in 1900. Eat it Cleveland and Cooperstown.

If you need to take the subway, you would just walk to the 174th/175th B/D at the Concourse or the Mt. Eden 4 stop at Jerome. Morris Heights also has its own Metro North stop, which is only a block away from this apartment.

When you think of far western Morris Heights, think Inwood for half the price. Well, maybe think eastern Washington Heights in the 1980s for half the price...



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Anonymous said...

"This isn't the most tranquil or irenic nabe "???

It's more like "You will hear gunshots all the time, drug dealers are a dime-a-dozen on your block, and you will sure learn how to guard your purse and duck"