Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some Changes on Arthur Avenue (Anyone Up for a Hot Dog and Cigar?)

Estrellita Poblana III

We went over to Arthur Avenue yesterday to grab lunch before hitting sea lion feeding time at the Bronx Zoo. We just wanted something quick, cheap and easy, so we headed to Estrellita Poblana III (2328 Arthur Avenue), a little Mexican place that we've tried before and liked. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they have renovated the interior and are also now accepting credit cards (previously it was cash only). Once again the food (quesadilla for me and Pearl, sopes for the hubster) was excellent and the service was both friendly and speedy. They have a couple of booster seats and it's pretty kid friendly. Just be aware that Estrellita Poblana is tiny, so be careful about going during peak lunchtime hours.

There's a new Albanian restaurant on the strip now:

There's also a new high-end cigar joint and a hot dog place right next to each other... No, I'm not kidding. There's a restaurant specializing in hot dogs on Arthur Avenue now.
Hot dogs and cigars... together at last!

Oh yeah, we also finally checked out the Parisienne Cafe (below) the other day. Cute place! Nice and roomy and casual. We got gelato and iced cappuccinos - both were awesome.


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