Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Serrano: “Bronx Building Worker Resolution Very Positive”

Here is a press release from U.S. Congressman Serrano on the amicable resolution to the building workers new four year agreement. Congressman Serrano was a vocal advocate of the building workers during negotiations.


March 15, 2011 – Washington, DC – Upon receiving word that the Bronx building workers had reached a new four-year contract, Congressman José E. Serrano said he was “gratified” and “heartened” by the situation’s resolution.

“The Bronx building workers, and 32BJ stood up for themselves and their working conditions, and through their strong position, they have reached a fair and equitable new agreement,” said Congressman Serrano. “I commend them for their efforts and also must commend the Bronx Realty Advisory Board for their role in forging this agreement. Many working families will benefit from the modest wage increase—and will stay protected by the health care provisions. This is a fair deal for these workers and their families.

“With worker’s rights under attack across the nation, it is particularly heartening to know that we can have positive outcomes for our working families. Too often we are being told that the troubled economy means that we must slash the benefits and wages of the workers, while there is simultaneously no money for the government services that they need as well. That toxic combination only serves to push families down the economic ladder. Instead, in this agreement we are seeing a commitment to workers that should be followed around the nation.”

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