Sunday, March 13, 2011

BoogieDowner Music Review: "A Moment's Worth"

Here is a post by Desiree about the Bronx rock group sensation, "A Moment's Worth". Desiree is the BoogieDowner final word on what's hot amongst the young adults in the Bronx. She will follow the bands rise to the top, right here on the BoogieDowner, with periodic articles about them. I included a clip from the band I found on You tube. It was produced back in 2008 by Director Ray Zablocki. Please do enjoy the post and music clip below.



A Moment's Worth is a band whose fame is growing every day - and with good reason. Between their heartfelt lyrics and spunky melodies they have created a voice of their own that resonates for fans across the country. I sat down with Alex Bondarev, lead vocalist and guitarist, to find out more about the band from Pelham Bay. Alex Bondarev, Anthony Albanese (guitar) and Frank Quarto (drums, supporting vocals) met in a catholic school in the Bronx. Their similar taste in music brought them together and soon they wanted to do more than just listen. In the 8th grade, although none had any training in their respective instruments, they simply started playing. Under the name Dibs on Anthony, they met every weekend and by the end of high school Johnny Endico (bass, supporting vocals) and Nicola Terzulli (guitar) had joined the group. In 04/05 they penned a song called "Cross my Heart", in which one of the lyrics was “A Moment's Worth is what you make it”. They changed their name and released a second self titled CD in the summer of 2007. Since then, they have taken every moment and done exactly that. Three CDs and countless shows both in the Bronx and abroad later, they have never let anything hold them back. Their music demonstrates a wide range of influences and themes both musically and lyrically. However, their overarching message is to be true to who you are. As a band, they have done just that. Although they have played shows all across New York City, their favorite venue is still FLC (First Lutheran Church), a small space in a quiet hamlet of the north Bronx. The facade of the church gives no indication of the scene in its basement. Beneath the open hands of a statue of Jesus, dozens of kids and 20 somethings pack the space from wall to wall, and both local and mainstream bands of all genres take the stage. Bondarev explains the mutual feeling between the audience and the band playing “It feels like home. It is a community and family like venue... everyone is your family”. This sense of intimacy is one of the best features of the Bronx music scene. You will never get this kind of connection at a 20,000 person venue. The Bronx has a beautiful thriving music scene filled with every kind of music from ska to salsa and metal. A Moments Worth is an outstanding example of all the Bronx has to offer, provided you’re willing to work for it. In my next installment, I will talk more on the band and their music life in the Bronx. Until then, they’d like to thank people like Gregory , Marc Makowski and their lawyer Joe Serling. They feel very fortunate to have people who are willing to come in and help them without expecting anything in return.

If you’d like to learn more on the band, visit their blog and join their mailing list at to receive updates and free music. You can also remain in contact with them at

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