Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23rd Message from Governor Cuomo on Next Weeks Budget Deadline

Here is a video clip going around from Governor Cuomo’s office. With the budget deadline of April 1st looming, the Governor goes as far as to threaten a shut down of State government. Since we often discuss the devastating effects his budget cuts are having in our community, I thought it would be fair to show his video. Please do let me know what you think via a post. You can also express yourself on the Governors facebook link shown below. Gregory

"The April 1 deadline for a new state budget is in approximately one week. At that time, the Legislature will pass -- or fail to pass -- the budget that Governor Cuomo proposed.
The Governor’s budget closes a $10 billion deficit with no new taxes, cuts waste and inefficiency, and ensures that the government will finally tighten its belt – just like every family in this state has had to do.
Today Governor Cuomo released a video to New Yorkers about his commitment to deliver a budget that makes this government work for the people once again.

As Governor Cuomo makes clear in this message, now is our chance to turn this state around and build a new future for all New Yorkers.
Remember to visit Governor Cuomo on Facebook, where you can post your thoughts and ideas about the budget and receive regular updates on the actions of the Governor."

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pissed off at cuomo said...

I don't understand how he ran as a Democrat with the working families' party backing and now acts like a right wing Republican, cutting vital programs that will devastate the Bronx and working class families across the state while not making the millionaires tighten their belts.

Seriously, when are the uber-rich and Wall Street going to pay their fair share? They haven't had to suffer a bit while the middle and working class are bearing the brunt of this. Cuomo, just like most of our government, is in the pocket of the super-rich.