Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Little Studio that Could: Bronx Film Makers Produce Krackoon

In many ways the Bronx is about the little borough that could. Here is an example of a crew of film makers producing a low budget cult classic that is taking the world by storm. The name of the film is "Krackoon". It seems to have everything you need for a great cult classic including greedy land developers, corrupt politicians and a raccoon hooked on crack that is hellbent on terrorizing a neighborhood.

The brainchild behind the film is Jerry Landi. This is his second film. His first film "Silent Deaf'ning" focused on two men playing taps for fallen veterans. I have not yet met the man but from the content of his films, he must be a serious man with a humorous side to him. In his biography he mentions George A Romero, the creator of "Day of the Dead" as one of his mentors.

Recent awards won by Krackoon include Winner of the "Best Horror Feature" in the New York International Film and Video Festival 2010, and Winner of the "Best Culture Feature" in the New York International Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles 2010.

The great art work above was taken from the official movie site whose address is listed below. The video below was found on You tube. Please do enjoy and good luck to the entire crew of Krackoon.

For more information about the movie please log onto their official movie site;

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